Obsessively Yours

Dear Barbara Walker, I wish to inform you of the dangers contained between the covers of Knitting from the Top. You are obviously unaware as you have allowed the book to come back into print. But there was a demand! you cry. Knitters need this book! I agree… to a point. I agree that all […]

A casualty and a new beginning

I’m not really anal about my knitting paraphernalia but when it comes to sock needles, I am. I object to people using them as toothpicks, nail cleaners, back scratchers, head scratchers, and as a scratcher for any other itch needing precise attention. But for my needles to come under fire from myself throwing a big […]

Busy Days

I thought I was going to have to play at a gig on Sunday afternoon, but as it turned out I didn’t, so I went to visit you know who instead (he is very well thanks). The great thing about visiting anywhere by public transport is all that extra knitting time. This is still the […]

Knitting for Teachers

The more I realise that I do not want to be a piano teacher, the more I appreciate the work that piano teachers do. I often do examining work for the Academy and get to meet piano teachers from around the county on a regular basis. As in any profession, you get the usual mix […]

Trundling along

Things have been going really well. I used to think that once I didn’t have to practice the piano so much I wouldn’t know what to do with myself, but as it turns out, I’m now busier than ever before. I’ve started on the Christmas presents – the less essential are first and will be […]