Take a scissors to it

What could possibly go wrong? To my surprise, not a great deal! The yarn isn’t very slippery so the stitches stayed put until I picked one set of them up with a needle to knit on and slipped the other set of them on to a life line. Unfortunately, when I embarked on the short […]

Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow!

I have either learned how to knit in my sleep or the elves have been helping me again. I suspect the latter. I tried it on last night before I joined the body in the round and separated off the sleeves. I was expecting it to fit so that wasn’t a big surprise… but the […]

New stuff

It’s been an eventful week and I am glad it is over. Yesterday evening I treated myself to some time under the blanket making something I have been dreaming of for well over a year. A simple top with hidden angora hems that peek over the picot The stuff? Louisa Harding’s Pure Angora and Debbie […]

A little distraction

Argosy was still blocking when my sister flew back to the States on Tuesday. A pity she couldn’t take it with her; Tuesday, after all, was her birthday. But it’s an ill wind because I was able to get some snaps of it before I stick it in the post today. When I was knitting […]

Nearly there

Surprise, surprise. The jumper wasn’t finished for Saturday. This is entirely the fault of the ridiculous sleeve. I had to rip half of it out to correct my decreasing error. I got the sleeve finished on Saturday morning so instead of pretending I didn’t have a present for him, I got him to try it […]