Camping on Achill

Achill is a large island off the west coast of Mayo and is joined to the mainland by a bridge, making it as accessible as you’re going to get in these parts. It is renowned for its beaches and water sports enthusiasts flock there for surfing, kayaking, windsurfing and all the rest of it. We […]

FO – Jamboree Hat

While I was mulling about what sweater to make next, I felt the pull of the hat. I didn’t know which hat, but it was definitely a hat. So I got some Kid Classic and some Colinette, and this is what I ended up with. Lo! And it was funky! Since I’m going away camping […]

Summer Sweater Sprint #4 – FO Puff Sleeved Cardigan

By rights, this should have been finished last May, but here it is in all its glory! Pattern: Puff-Sleeved Cardigan from ‘Fitted Knits’. Needles: 4mm. Modifications: I had such an incredible problem with gauge that I ended up knitting the 36″ size with a higher gauge. I think the pattern calls for 22 sts over […]

Time flies like pigs

This is a new philosophy of mine. When you’re waiting for something to come along so you can be done with it – in my case, a concert – time flies about as well as pigs. Then when you stop watching it, it’s suddenly right on top of you. I’m not sure if my pig […]

Streets of Galway 2007

This evening, myself and himself ran the Streets of Galway. It is an 8k (5 mile) run that goes through the city and finishes up with a run down the Prom at Salthill to the finish line. I ran it two years ago in an hour and five minutes. I was chuffed to have even […]