July 31, 2007

The English language lacks adjectives for sounds

If there was a word for the sound you make when you furtively peep from under an umbrella when it finally stops raining, I would use it today. It is taking willpower of biblical might to focus on this entry as I am being pursued by the persistent thought of knitting in the shade with an icecream. I know. Sounds good, doesn’t it? As alluring the thought of unsheathing my purple-white Irish legs to the sun is, the feat of having completed my first toe-up sock must take priority.

toeup sock opal

I haven’t even woven in the ends yet. Here’s the heel…

toeup heel

… and the toe. Both are worked in garter stitch short rows. Very easy.

toeup toe

I have also been going hell-for-yoke on the Cashsilk top. I actually completed the yoke this morning but I still need to fit it on and make sure. The next step will be to separate off the sleeves, finish the “V” for the v-neck and then start the bust darts. It’ll be easy going once I get the sleeves off.

topdown v-neck cashsilk

I have been knitting on this mostly whilst watching Twin Peaks. I’ve watched it right from the start and I am about two-thirds of the way through. As with all David Lynch stuff, there’s been a lot of screaming (mostly mine, but not all I’ll have you know). And I have been highly entertained by both the main guy and David Duchovny’s appearance as a cross-dressing FBI agent.

Have a look here. Vogue are giving away ten free patterns to celebrate their 25th anniversary edition.


July 28, 2007

We now return to our normal schedule

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In Galway there exists a phenomenon known as Race Week. Businesses and services take half days or close completely whilst the world and its mother descends on the city to dress up, drink and gamble. Race week comes crashing down on the tail of the Arts Festival. The Arts Festival is all about the wild and wonderful; the colours, smells and noises. Race week is all about the moneymoneymoney.

Things are so crazy, in fact, that if you’re not into horse racing the best thing to do would be to leave the city for the week. Or you can do what I did and run around town yesterday getting all my shopping and planning for a week bunkered at home. Traffic will be so bad that driving anywhere won’t be an option.

My knitting has been all over the place lately. I really wasn’t in love with any of my projects (Icarus is dull, the blue fluffy raglan has shed over everything I own and I discovered my toe-up sock was far too big after I completed the heel – which, by the way, turned out great)… and then I had a few days of rebelling against The Patterns. This is the result of reading a combination of Barbara Walker, Elizabeth Zimmermann and Barbara Abbey (just got Knitting Lace out of the library). So I got out my pencil and notebook and re-started a project that I had very nearly finished, but hated.

This is going to be much, much nicer. A V-neck top with optional everythings: V-neck or round neck, short sleeves or long sleeves, waist shaping or none. Are you digging that raglan increase up there? I know I am! It’s a double increase that I found in my Knitting From the Top Down. I wanted one that added detail, but wasn’t as see-through as a yo increase. This increase is worked k1-yo-k1 all into the seam stitch. I am really excited to see how this turns out!

I picked up some wool yesterday. Here we have some Kilcarra tweed. 800g of tweed, actually. I bought it because the colour is exactly what I had in mind… and it was 800g for €30. I definitely wouldn’t get the recommended Felted Tweed for anything near that.

kilcarra tweed yarn

I also got some ggh soft kid because it was marked down to €5 a ball.

ggh soft kid yarn

There’s a hoodie in one of the Rebecca magazines that I’ve always wanted to make but held off because the soft kid was so expensive. Just look at those lovely apple colours! It’s going to be so soft and snuggly!


July 25, 2007


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Have you seen this? I’m in love!

Sorry there’s been no knitting. I’m too busy reading the you-know-what by You Know Who.


July 23, 2007

Macnas Parade, Galway Arts Festival 2007

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Macnas Parade Galway
Tea anyone?

For more pictures, visit my Macnas album!


July 21, 2007

Galway Bay

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galway bay photo

Headed out to Silver Strand with Alb there last week to catch some sunset. The Arts Festival is on this week and next, so we’re hoping to snap some of the colourful street activities going on. I’m not into digital photography the way Alb is – he is really good at editing. I prefer the proper hands-on black and white stuff so I’m planning on shooting mostly in film as an incentive to get back into printing again. I’ll still be taking snaps in colour so if I get anything good, I’ll stick it up here for all to see.