The English language lacks adjectives for sounds

If there was a word for the sound you make when you furtively peep from under an umbrella when it finally stops raining, I would use it today. It is taking willpower of biblical might to focus on this entry as I am being pursued by the persistent thought of knitting in the shade with […]

We now return to our normal schedule

In Galway there exists a phenomenon known as Race Week. Businesses and services take half days or close completely whilst the world and its mother descends on the city to dress up, drink and gamble. Race week comes crashing down on the tail of the Arts Festival. The Arts Festival is all about the wild […]


Have you seen this? I’m in love! Sorry there’s been no knitting. I’m too busy reading the you-know-what by You Know Who.

Galway Bay

Headed out to Silver Strand with Alb there last week to catch some sunset. The Arts Festival is on this week and next, so we’re hoping to snap some of the colourful street activities going on. I’m not into digital photography the way Alb is – he is really good at editing. I prefer the […]