Summer Sweater Sprint #1

Thermal is finished! Yesterday morning I finished up the ribbing and pulled it triumphantly over my head (yes, it can be done)! There were some fiddly bits to do towards the end, such as setting in the sleeves and sewing the plackets down, but overall this was a very straight-forward knit. My ribbing around the […]

Recovery Knitting

As suspected, the year is finally catching up on me. Although I made a good start on new music yesterday, most of the afternoon was spent dead asleep and the evening was given over to recovery knitting (anyone else watch Rocky IV on sky one?? attrocious). First order of business was to graft the toe […]

Monkeys in Galway

Although things have been quiet here, everything else in my life has been hectic. Sorry. Did I say hectic? I meant, the equivalent of a mutinous zoo. All last week was taken up with the Music Network course. It was a blast and I got so much out of it but it didn’t leave any […]

Project Progress

This week I am partaking in a course run by the Music Network of Ireland called Making Overtures. The course is a week of seminars, four per day, all about how best to promote yourself. So far it has been very interesting. I have been bringing along some emergency knitting but haven’t needed it yet! […]

Simple Summer Shrug Class, Part I

Yesterday I taught my first class out at This is Knit. Billed as a Simple Summer Shrug class, I figured I could offer my Rosy shrug and a simpler shrug, based on the same construction. As it turned out, all three of my students plumped for Rosy. L – R: Carole, Geraldine, Charlene None of […]