Wave hello

I cannot possibly begin to describe the week I’ve been having. It’s not so much that I’m busy but, as Alb so succinctly put it last night, things that should be ordinary end up being very dramatic. I have some fun news though, but I’m going to hang on to it until closer to the […]

Charmed Knits Review

Charmed Knits is written by our very own Alison Hansel, author of the Blue Blog. Tagged as Projects for fans of Harry Potter, this book does not disappoint! I ordered it, sight unseen, partially to support Alison and partially out of curiosity. I expected it to be full of kids knits and not much else. […]


Things are busybusy chez Neels these days. I’m playing in a chamber music concert this afternoon in the Academy. It’s a dry run for our exam on Thursday. I really enjoy the piece we’ve prepared – a Khachaturian trio – and I think we play well together. I’ve been battling on and off with a […]

7 Random Things

I have been tagged for this by Knitting HawkEye and I’m going to get it done before everybody hates it. 1. I love filling out forms, questionnaires and giving people directions. I would love to work as a tour guide in a city for a while. 2. I am a very accident-prone person and tend […]

Sleepy Wednesday

I overdid it a bit on Monday and Tuesday and this morning, I couldn’t get up. I was so bad, my dad brought me tea in bed as a gentle prod. The arrival of some knitting books from Amazon soon got me up though! Things have been moving slowly around here, mostly because I spent […]