Hang on to the mustache

I have discovered the joy that is chocolate milk. It’s an ingenious cheat. It’s very chocolatey… but it’s also milk, so it’s good for you! However the path to chocolate milk is lined with peril… the chocolate milk mustache. When I returned from the shop to see that mine had been inadequately licked away, it […]

Rosy Shrug Pattern

Got a few skeins of Kidsilk Haze or Kidsilk Night sitting in your stash? Rosy only takes two balls and is available to download now! Buy it now here for €4. Paper copy available in the shop for €4.50.

Knit Night

I went along to my first Knit Night at This is Knit this evening. It was great fun. I finished up in college around 540, had some tea and headed on out at my leisure. There was a nice turn out. We had tea and squashed fly biscuits* and there was much yak about wool, […]

More plans than progress

Nothing like a hat to take the edge off. Vrooommmmm All I need to do is a crochet edging and maybe some i-cords for the ear-flaps. I still have about a third of my ball left over – pretty good going! I got back to cranking out my Puff Sleeved Cardigan last night. I didn’t […]