Spring Break!

Well, we don’t get a Spring Break here – especially not in my college – but I decided to really kick back and treat myself this weekend. I came down to Galway yesterday afternoon and had a few hours to myself to catch up on some shopping. Mostly, I bought clothes. I rarely have the […]


I wab struck down in the pribe of by youth wib a cold. But I’m feeling much better tonight, thankfully, and my typing (and sinuses) has returned to normal 😀 On Tuesday I was pretending I wasn’t sick. On Wednesday I nearly cried when I asked my dad to get me some Benilyn (you know […]


Guess what I finished! I didn’t realise I looked so smug when I took the photo this morning, but it’s too late now! I popped it straight in the post to Lisa and all going well, you will be able to see it in person next weekend! I honestly hoped to get an entire shrug […]

Every cup needs a shrug, right?

Sorry about the lack of posts. See above for the reason why! It’s not that I have been really busy – I’ve had much worse years than this one – but I have been concentrating really hard on my two competition programmes. I have this one piece that I am refusing to get the better […]

The best laid plans gang aft astray

And astray did they gang! I had it all planned out – do my work in the morning and then nip out to This is Knit to pick up a few odds and ends I need, drop off the Rosy shrug, have a squeeze/rub/smell of the new Laines du Nord Cashsilk (I can’t be the […]