An odd sort of day

The problem with making Tuesday your favourite day is that Wednesday doesn’t know what to do with itself… today moreso than any other Wendnesday, because I was waiting around to have a Masterclass at 7pm. A masterclass is a lesson with a visiting teacher and is open to the public, so that everyone can learn […]

Presents for everyone!

Hello! I think Tuesday is my favourite day of the week. I didn’t work this out logically; I think it’s an instinctive thing, because Mondays are usually horrendous. What makes this even more illogical is the fact that they’re actually not that horrendous. Hmmm, I’m confused now. On to the knitting…. I have christened my […]

A Ganomy hat for Martin Luther King

This was a very interesting hat to knit. It turned out fine in the end. If you’re thinking of making this, I don’t recommend watching a highly emotive documentary about the life of Martin Luther King whilst you do so. My, how bitterly I cried into my increasingly deformed hat… and how loud I laughed […]

One FO begets another UFO

There’s something about seeing -2 C over where you live that really hurries mitten knitting along. We have thumbs! they cried I meant to knit in some waste yarn to make the afterthought thumbs easier, but I forgot – on both mittens! However it gave me an excuse to try out the original afterthought thumbs, […]

A mitten

I have a subscription to Vogue Knitting magazine and have found them easy to deal with. When I first ordered my subscription last summer, I managed to order it twice by accident, so I was charged for it twice. I wrote to them and they sorted it out for me, no problem. Since then, I […]