Happy Noo Year

You may have figured by now that I am not really the mad-partying type… hence the post 🙂 I finished off the front part of the blue cotton vest last night whilst watching Rocky Balboa (the new Rocky VI)… ah, great entertainment. You gotta admit, Stallone’s pretty funny. Here’s the vest. Because I didn’t bring […]

January Sales

Isn’t it great when a yarn shop has a January sale like all the other shops? If you’re in the Galway area this month, check out Yarn for some great bargains. They have 20% off all pattern books and yarns, and they are selling off packs of yarn (you know, ten packs) with 25% off. […]

Lá ‘le Stiofáin – Nollaig Shona Dhaoibh!

Ah yes… Having a good Christmas? Enjoying the presents? Soaking up the free time? I know I am! I’ve been getting some great knitting in and enjoying being home. This morning, I picked up my sock – these guys – and worked my way along until I came to knit the heel flap. One of […]

Christmas is coming…

It sure is and I’m down to the wick here with my Christmas knitting. I had a really hectic last few days in college – I had arranged to meet La Glitz and my other mate Steve before coming home but all plans had to be abandoned. Between my Beethoven concerto, a really dodgy repair […]

Some things to look at

I love how berets are really taking off here. I saw at least five yesterday, and I have yet to see a person that it doesn’t suit. A beret is contained, elegant and still warm and snuggly! You can pull it down over your ears if you’re cold or you can pull it up a […]