Yarn pr0n… and more!

I have been having such a good break here in Galway. I always feel guilty for leaving piano behind for a day or two, but in hindsight I’m always glad. Things are starting to get going now. I have to submit my days for examining for the Academy (I’m not on probation anymore! Horray for […]


I took a year and a half of Higher Maths until time restrictions (a seven hour round trip on Saturdays for piano lessons 😀 insane! but true!) meant I had to drop it and take Pass instead. I have had no use whatsoever for anything I learned in that class… until today! I was determined […]

Le Sigh

I knew it was too good to last! Yesterday was my first proper day back at college and many things were decided – not just what classes I’ll be doing, but all my repertoire was finally decided on too. There is good news (like doing some mad contemporary irish pieces, a Chopin scherzo after thinking […]

The news at minoon

I’m afraid my posts haven’t been keeping up with the sheer volume of knitting going on… I struggled through the week. At the time I always call it an attack of the crazies, but in hindsight it was more of the horrible come down and bummed-outedness that comes after an exam. I have a bad […]