Hello! This last week has been a complete blur. I have got the flu, and have been coming down with it all week. I have been very woolly and unfocused in the head, but somehow, somehow! managed to get through the concerto last night. In fact, it actually went really well! But today, I am […]


Isn’t it funny how something very fine can work up quicker than something chunkier? I’m definitely experiencing it with ole Granny Smith here. I think it’s partially to do with how much I enjoy looking at the colour, the feel of the yarn and how smooth the Addis are to work with. They don’t cause […]


Check out my addis that came in the post today! Well, they’re in use at the moment… I have officially kicked off the Granny Smith cardigan in acid green KSH! It involved a provisional, or invisible, cast on. This is the same cast on supposed to be used for the Kiri shawl I made, but […]


Just my luck – I finished Salina in the middle of a heat wave. (heat wave = 25 degrees :P) Can I tell how much I love this jumper?! The fit is just fantastic. I am really happy with how the sleeves turned out too – they are just the right length on me. This […]