craft skillllz

Yesterday wasn’t the greatest day ever, so I got stuck into my knitting and here’s what I woke up with today! A completed back panel of Salina… And the start of my Kiri shawl. Just this little bit of knitting took me nearly an hour! Today is looking to be a real beauty, if still […]

Salina etc

The back piece of Salina has been zooming along very nicely. I took it along as commuter knitting today which helped alot too. I like the waist shaping in this very much. Another feature I like is the moss stitch at the bottom instead of ordinary rib or garter. Although I am unsure about the […]

Vogue models, eat your heart out!

It was nice and sunny this morning so my mum stuck on Alouette and here it is: C’est belle, n’est-ce pas? Here are more detailed shots of the set in sleeve and neck shaping. She’s really thrilled with how it turned out and I hope she will enjoy wearing it as much as I did […]

Happy Days

I was true to my word and picked up some things to have a go at crewelwork. I had to use some intuition with this because nobody knows what crewelwork is, even though they sell all the right things for it in a round about way. I had great fun picking out colours. I decided […]