Today, I have a brief interlude. I had two competitions yesterday; I have a concert on Friday; another competition on Tuesday; piano bursary competition on Thursday. The competitions are part of Dublin Feis Ceoil, a music festival that happens every year. It’s one of the biggest feiseanna in the country. I’ve never won anything there […]

I wanted to post this last friday but my hosting went down and I couldn’t. I also went home to Sligo for the weekend, and promptly forgot about all things that involved effort. So check out the excellent box my Secret Pal sent me! First, there is the sweet St. Patrick’s Day card… Then, a […]

I had a great Paddy’s weekend, but not in the usual sense (ie, sitting in a pub all day). Alb drove up on Friday night, and on Saturday we set off for the CĂ©ide Fields. We had great weather and fantastic visibility, but it was very windy and very cold. The Fields aren’t nearly as […]


Yay! My Happy Hooker book came in the post this morning. I’m very impressed. Half of the book is a comprehensive how-to, with some useful summary tables. Apart from the basic stitches, fancy stitches like V-stitch, shells, bobbles, puff and popcorn stitches, mesh, fishnet, picot, and spike stitches are all detailed well. There is a […]

Swatches and things

On my way home through town from teaching this evening, I stopped off and got myself some Tivoli Cruise double knit cotton to make the rippley sweater out of (both) Vintage Knits (Rowan) and Vintage Knitting (Sarah Dallas). The only difference between the two patterns is that the Rowan pattern has a much better range […]