March 30, 2006

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Today, I have a brief interlude. I had two competitions yesterday; I have a concert on Friday; another competition on Tuesday; piano bursary competition on Thursday. The competitions are part of Dublin Feis Ceoil, a music festival that happens every year. It’s one of the biggest feiseanna in the country. I’ve never won anything there before, so imagine my surprise when I came away with this chunk of silver yesterday. Show ▼

I came second in my other competition too. Yay! I was sort of hoping I’d win both, but I played my very very best in the other one and the adjudicator just didn’t like my style, so nuts to him I say. I didn’t get in until 1130 last night so I’m taking a bit of time off this morning :}

Let me show you the Great Purple Jumper I keep on about.

There’s the sleeve lying on top of the body. I keep sticking my arm into the sleeve as I’m going along because it looks sort of small. But it stretches out ok. I hope it doesn’t turn out into some sort of malproportioned monstrosity. Here’s a better look at my increases for the sleeve.

I did alot more on the skull hat a few weeks ago and never showed a picture. I took this project on to teach myself proper intarsia knitting. There is a knack to it. I like it but I don’t think I’d have the patience to knit a fair isle jumper.

And lastly, here is some more wool that I bought a while ago. I knitted Cathode last summer from this wool. It turned out great but it’s just not my kind of jumper πŸ™ So, when I got my Loop-d-Loop book, I decided to use the wool to knit the Lace Leaf sweater instead. I wasn’t sure if I’d have enough wool, so when I spied some of the same when I was out wool shopping last week, I picked up a few balls to make sure I’d have enough.

I’m really looking forward to starting it, it looks really fun.


March 26, 2006

I wanted to post this last friday but my hosting went down and I couldn’t. I also went home to Sligo for the weekend, and promptly forgot about all things that involved effort. So check out the excellent box my Secret Pal sent me! Show ▼

In other project news, my purple jumper body has miraculously completed itself. I think I’ve been getting some help from the elves on this one. I started the first sleeve this morning.

Crochet has been taking over my life! Have a gander at this hat I finished in just one evening. The pattern is ‘Boy Beanie’ from HH.

I recently started following Tottenham Hotspurs, and these are their colours. It’s a really nice spring cap, for the days when it’s just too warm for the Mighty Ear Flaps. I made it out of Tivoli Chunky Acyrlic, which is cheap and soft. Their 100g balls are pretty generous too; I’ve more than enough left over to make another.

Here is my fat-bottomed bag, also from HH. I used two random balls of wool that have been bugging me for about two years. There was just enough to make the body, but not enough to do the pieces that join the body to the handles. I haven’t it sewn up or anything; I just laid it down beside the handles to show you what it’s supposed to look like πŸ™‚ I think it’ll be really nice. I have some nice blue and white checkered material I’m going to use to line it with. Looking for a black purse in a black bag is no fun.

That’s it for now!


March 21, 2006

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I had a great Paddy’s weekend, but not in the usual sense (ie, sitting in a pub all day). Alb drove up on Friday night, and on Saturday we set off for the CΓ©ide Fields. We had great weather and fantastic visibility, but it was very windy and very cold. The Fields aren’t nearly as interesting to look at as Newgrange, but the general area has stunning scenery and is even more barren and desolate than Connemara. After some lunch, we drove to Downpatrick Head. There is a great view of the cliffs and sea stack from the CΓ©ide Fields, so we decided to try and get a bit closer to the sea stack. As it turns out there is a really crap road out to the cliffs. We hiked up and spent a good 45 minutes hanging off the edge on our bellies to get good shots of the sea stack. I had my dad’s bronica (yumyum) and the D70; hopefully between them I’ll get a few good ones. There is a huge blow hole near the cliff edge, but it’s got an enormous fence around it. This is because a few ago, a woman drove her car and her kids into it.

There was much knitting and crochet to be had over the weekend too! My purple jumper has turned into a monstrosity, which means the body is almost complete. I hope that the sleeves will be a bit quicker to complete. I didn’t bother taking a picture of it because it is just a big purple lump.

Check out the crochet though πŸ˜€ Here is another facecloth that I made. I wanted to do bobbles crochet-style.

And here is a hat that I made last night. It’s the PDQ from Happy Hooker. It is a really quick project, and looks pretty funky too! I still have to weave in ends and do the edging.

When you see it on my head, you can see the effect of the shell stitching better (the gaps in the middle).

I used the wool from my Gryffindor scarf that is simply a non-starter. Maybe I’ll crochet a scarf to match instead. It’s so much quicker than knitting.

So my secret pal revealed herself to me yesterday πŸ˜€ She’s from near Seattle! That is a really long way away. It’s like two Atlantic oceans away. Sarah – the word ‘wellies’ is short for wellingtons. They’re rubber boots that come up to your knees and you wear them in mud and out in the rain. They’re standard issue in the west of ireland πŸ˜€


March 16, 2006


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Yay! My Happy Hooker book came in the post this morning. I’m very impressed. Half of the book is a comprehensive how-to, with some useful summary tables. Apart from the basic stitches, fancy stitches like V-stitch, shells, bobbles, puff and popcorn stitches, mesh, fishnet, picot, and spike stitches are all detailed well. There is a decent amount of detail about both filet and afghan crochet, which pleases me, because I have always wanted to try out filet crochet. Similar to this month’s new Crochet Me, there is a section about covering buttons, but also shown is how to make your own crocheted ball buttons. This is great, because I have this cardigan that I can’t find proper buttons for, and now I’ll be able to finish it off and actually wear it.

The patterns are great because they show crochet at its best. There are some lovely light summer tops, as well as a great fitted spring jacket, and a wrap-around cardigan. There is a good selection of hats, scarves and bags. Another thing that stands out for me is the accessories, like the skull pot-holder and the flower and bird brooches. I’m dying to get started!

My secret pal sent me something for Patrick’s Day, but it hasn’t arrived yet. I’m very curious! There isn’t post tomorrow because it’s a bank holiday, but at least it will be something to look forward to on Monday. I’m heading home for the weekend, so I’m really looking forward to putting my feet up for a bit and getting my hooks out πŸ˜€


March 13, 2006

Swatches and things

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On my way home through town from teaching this evening, I stopped off and got myself some Tivoli Cruise double knit cotton to make the rippley sweater out of (both) Vintage Knits (Rowan) and Vintage Knitting (Sarah Dallas). The only difference between the two patterns is that the Rowan pattern has a much better range of sizes. So tonight, instead of practising (I have been just brain dead today), I swatched. Show ▼

PS. I have great news! I emailed the Denise Knitting Needle company to see if their guarantee covered me (as I am in Ireland and not America), and the guy said he’d posted out some replacement cords for me. They came in the post today!

He sent me out a complete replacement set. He said in his email that breaking two is quite rare so I guess by sending me a whole replacement, he was avoiding possible aggro in the future πŸ™‚ It’s great though, and really decent of them.

PPS. When I was getting the blue cotton today, I discovered some Pampas that I knitted my cream ‘Cathode’ out of. I really want to rip it up, because I never wear it, and knit the Lace Leaf Sweater out of ‘Loop-d-Loop’ instead. However, I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough wool. So, when I go back to get more cotton for mum’s sweater, I’m going to stock up on the Pampas before it’s all gone. Yay! What’re the chances they’d still have some!