February 19, 2006

Phlegm Phree

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It’s amazing what some quality time with your pyjamas and Bear can do for you. Now… on to the knitting!

I ripped up the old Elspeth, balled it up loosely and gave it a bit of a rinse. It’s straggly looking, but at least it has lost the appearance of noodles.

And here is the finished back piece. This was a very straight-forward knit. However, I always make the mistake of reading lace charts backwards! Anyone else do that?

I finished the left front today while watching Star Trek and telling my brother how much I’d love to meet Patrick Stewart. I dunno, he’s the kind of guy you’d love to have over for a cuppa and a bit of a knit. I’d knit him a big woolly hat. I hate to see the pain exposed. lol.

I wish the pattern for the front pieces was written in a less convoluted way. I had to make a list for myself for how many decreases and when and marked off every row as I knitted it. However, compared to the last time I knitted it, this front piece looks much better.

I’m really looking forward to putting the picot edge on this and finally pulling it on. Man, I hope I can finish this on time! I’ve only got a week left.


February 18, 2006

Too sick to knit

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Yesterday I was just dying, but today I’m feeling a bit better. My parents and brother are visiting and they’re about to go out for a walk. I think I’ll stay in. I haven’t wanted to knit in nearly three days! However, I have managed to finish the back piece of Elspeth and start one of the front pieces. There isn’t very much to show I’m afraid.

I got some knitting books in the post during the week: Loop-d-Loop and Rowan’s Vintage Knits. The Vintage Knits is a bit of a disappointment, actually. All the mens’ jumpers are horrible and there are only two other patterns that I will definitely knit out of it. Loop-d-Loop on the other hand was definitely worth my while getting. It’s really good for knitters who want to advance their skill. There are many unusual patterns in the book. Some are crazy, some are nice everday knits, and some are in-between. There is this great fair isle sweater in it with short rows that I’m dying to make. I was thinking that I’d make it without the fair isle first to get the hang of the short rows, and then knit it again some time with the fair isle. Another one I want to make is the lace leaf sweater. It’s a plain chunky sweater but has lace leaf detail on the collar and cuffs that make it really special. I’m going to knit a swatch for this today because I have some white chunky wool that might fit the bill.

I also got SuperCrafty: Saving the World from Mass Production! This is the most fantastic craft book and was definitely worth holding out for. There are all sorts of projects in it and everytime I flick through it I find something new I’d love to try out. Some of my favourites include the pattern for sock monkeys, a one-afternoon skirt, how to turn your bike helmet into a ladybird, the knitting needle organiser and how to make a printing stamp out of some aeroboard.


February 13, 2006

Stash! and WIP

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Double horray! My exam went well and mohair came in the post. This is five 50g balls of phildar mohair and a mohair booklet that Albert bought me as a present.


The mohair booklet was only a euro so I figured I’d get it to have a look. It’s entirely in French. I knew it would be… but I wasn’t prepared for the complete indecipherability of french knitting patterns! I was planning on knitting the cardigan on the cover here, but it may take a while lol…

Check out my Olympic progress on Elspeth. I’m enjoying knitting it alot more this time round and not just because I have more experience. The gauge is tighter and the texture of the fabric is nicer.

This is the back piece. I plan on getting it finished before the weekend before the next spate of competitions and concerts come up! The front pieces are a bit more awkward because you have to keep an eye on the raglan and neck shaping, as well as the lace pattern. But the sleeves are just knit plain with a little bit of short row shaping, so I’m keeping them for the final sprint!


February 12, 2006

No Picture Post

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Monday February 13th
Midyear Piano Concert!
Music by Schumann and Shostakovich
Katharine Brennan Hall, RIAM

Anyone knocking around dublin tomorrow afternoon is welcome to come along. Academy is on Westland Row, behind Trinity and just down the street from Pearse station. All exams are open to the public 🙂 Because I’ve been preparing for this, I’ve lost some valuable Olympic time, hence the no picture post. But I promise I will post progress pictures of Elspeth from Rowan 38 tomorrow… and my magic loop socks, which are nearly finished! Horray!

Albert got back yesterday. His eye is ok but he’s got a cold now on top of everything! I think he just needs some rest. I felt pretty sorry for him having to drive all the way back to Galway today.

Have a look at this. It’s for knitters who want to expand their sewing abilities. I really love sewing but am wonderfully bad at it. I sent an email earlier begging to join in their skirt sew-along.

Toes crossed for tomorrow!


February 10, 2006

I’ve been bold!

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Last night, I couldn’t get to sleep. I kept thinking about this ball of pink cotton I have. I know, insane. Last summer, I got this english knitting magazine called Simply Knitting. I have to say it is simply the worst knitting magazine I have ever encountered. It’s expensive, you don’t get many patterns and most of them are for some novelty yarn they’re plugging. Anyway, it had this really nice lacey short-sleeved bolero-type top on the front. It called for aran-weight cotton, which to my joy Tivoli does (‘Cruise’ … also available in DK), so I embarked upon a fairly adventurous project.

I’d never knitted lace before and I’d never knitted from a chart. I could follow the chart fine, but after about three or four inches, it became obvious that I was reading the chart back to front! I managed to knit the entire thing, only for it to be about five sizes too big. I got really mad with it, rolled it up into a ball and hid it. I placed the blame entirely on the crappy magazine and swore never to knit from magazines again.

Imagine my rage, then, when I received a copy of the Rowan 38 magazine, the one with the mohair top on the front, only to find the same lacey top between its pages! How did such a crummy pattern get into such a good magazine! Then I figured, maybe I should check my gauge, having by now calmed down enough to entertain the possibility that I may have had something to do with the project failure. Hmmm… my gauge was way out. Ok, maybe it was my fault.

So! At 1am last night – I cast on with my spare ball of pink cotton to reknit this horrorshow cardi. It is my mission for the Knitting Olympics. I will reknit and complete it! which is a much greater challenge than a pair of socks. I can knit socks any time. So sucks to the Jaywalker Socks!

I’d post a picture, but I have literally about 4 rows knitted lol. I got over-excited and knitted the chart backwards again and had to rip back 😀

Alb update: he is well! But dopey on painkillers and flying back tomorrow afternoon. He probably won’t need surgery (tg) but this means his eye probably won’t fall out. I think he would look so cool with an eye patch. I could get him a scabbard for valentine’s day. Or a peg leg. Yarrrrr!