Gold Medal for Ireland

Here it is! It wasn’t the struggle I suppose it was meant to be, but it did teach me the difference between knitting through the back loop and front loop (as evidenced in a wonky repeat on one of the fronts). I also learned (yet again) how to read a chart. I always read them […]

Farewell Olympics!

So I finished Elspeth right on time – on Saturday evening, in fact. But I had gone home to Sligo to get well, and the connection isn’t good enough to upload pictures. I don’t know if that puts me out of contention for a gold medal, but I don’t mind. I got it finished and […]


After fretting that I wouldn’t complete my Olympic project on time, I now think that if I pace myself with some Benilyn, I should make it on time. Nectar of the Sick Olympian Knitter I completed my second front piece last night. I’d show it off but I’m too floppy to go downstairs and get […]

Belated Valentine

Look what my Secret Pal sent me for Valentine’s Day! The postman was late, so I went down and closed the window. About ten minutes later, he rang the bell and handed me the box with this huge grin on his face, probably because it had hearts all over it 😀 Thank you!!! Check out […]

Things for down the line

I mentioned previously that I would really like to make the lace leaf sweater from Loop-d-loop. Well, yesterday, I knitted a swatch from a left over ball from Cathode. I made Cathode last year in a fit of mid-summer madness. What was I thinking? Sure the colours are nice, and it fits me perfectly, but […]