Commuter Knitting

Here it is! As promised! The Commuter Sock a la Magic LoOp! I knitted this much today on the bus to and from Sandymount (I teach two kids there). I am using the Broadripple pattern, Tivoli Tweed in double knitting, and the fabulous new Addi needles my Secret Pal sent me. Mmm they’re delicious. The […]

Chicken Casserole

Tonight, I made my favourite dinner, and thought I’d share my recipe with you. Nobody takes my clucking seriously! Note: You can substitute chicken with steak, pork or lamb no problem. Ingredients (makes dinner for two): 2 chicken legs. 4 carrots. an onion. 4 big potatoes. a parsnip or some turnips if desired. broccoli too […]

FO! (sort of)

I was in the world of Zonk yesterday, so I sewed up my Lucky pieces and finished up the ribbed borders. It all fits together fine…. except for the borders. Here’s where I sewed the shorter border into the side seam. And this is where I sewed five feet of border all the way around… […]


I am a silly knitter. I am very nearly finished knitting ‘Lucky’: last night, I finished the never-ending 62″ border (I figured I should do the longer one first, I’m ploughing through the shorter one). But the closer I’m getting to sewing it all up and putting it on, the less I feel like doing […]


I have been so busy and stressed lately and today really looked like it was going to be one of my worst ever. I’d a masterclass in the morning and I played a work that I’m still not totally on top of. Then I had to teach in the afternoon, and go straight from there […]