December 8, 2005

Printing Results

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so after laying out my prints ever-so-gently because wet FB paper feels like it’s going to crumble in your hands… they’ve returned to their cardboard state and have done a better job at curling up than my curling tongs.

curly pics

to be honest, i’m not sure where to go from here with them. the good news is that the really good print that got wrinkled doesn’t seem to have the wrinkle anymore. it must have dried out.

curly pics 2


December 7, 2005

Woman at Work

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remember this particular ball of wool?…..


well, today it began its birth into something a bit more exciting. i’m using a narrower version of this pattern from knitty. i made the standard size before and i’m happy to report that it adapts very easily to a smaller size. here’s how it’s going so far…

cream scarf

the sock groweth also.


i did some b&w printing tonight. i was hoping i’d get some christmas presents out of it. last christmas, my dad gave me a big box of 100 fibre base paper 10×8″. i don’t normally print 10×8 because i shoot 35mm b&w film, and the enlarger i have is for medium-format, so i actually can’t enlarge to a full 10×8 from my negs. tonight, i said, i’ll just off the black sides and stick them in mounts. it was my first time using FB paper and tbh, i wasn’t prepared for it at all. it creases so easily, it’s very difficult to tell which side is right way up, and it goes from a very stiff paper to very, very fragile when wet. my best print got wrinkled in the wash. oh well. maybe i was just too tired to wrestle with FB paper tonight.


December 6, 2005

New Knitty

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i only just noticed the new issue of knitty is up! i love just looking at the pictures. two things that have caught my eye are this….

knitted cat

and this….

knitted cat

i have done no practice today but i am so tired, i am going to have a nap and dream about what i’m going to make next. zzzzzz


December 5, 2005

Stash prOn!

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i went shopping today! actually, it was just for the three little balls on the right, but it turned out to be more.


the large red and yellow balls are for a gryffindor scarf :} after seeing the goblet of fire last friday, and then the chamber of secrets (by fluke) on tv on saturday, i have caught the HP knitting bug. check out here and here for great HP knitting communities. the wool is just tivoli acrylic, nice and cheap, feels ok.

the three little balls are wendy double knit that i got for 80c each. they’re for some finger puppets for my nephew. the two colourless balls are tivoli tweed, a wool/alpaca/acrylic mix. they’re super warm and make great socks. the last three on the right are a new wool from tivoli called ‘spice’. it’s over 50% wool, so i got a few balls, and figured i’d hang on to them because they’d make funky scarves for presents.

here’s a sample of a little scrap of material i got while i was in hickey’s.


it’s for a little cut-work embroidery project i’m planning. i have an idea of what it’ll look like in my head! i will post pictures as soon as i get it started. it’s just a little pot-pourri sachet but why not make it pretty and learn a new skill while i’m at it?

don’t look here if your name is david! i finished it tonight and i like it so much i think i’ll make a smaller one for myself.

lastly, this is what i’ve been wanting to do but just haven’t had the time. i know the axa piano competition is important but it’s taking up knitting time 🙁 anyway, i’ve started green sock el secondo…


i’m really looking forward to having more knitting time at christmas. at the moment, my head is full of harry potter and debussy/chopin programme. i love my debussy preludes but i’ve been playing them too much… i can’t wait until this competition is over, even if it does bring good news.