December 30, 2005

no pictures, just plans

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i’m afraid i can’t update until i find the connection lead for my camera… and until i remember my own username and password 🙂 this is the problem when your computer in dublin remembers everything for you!

i have been working on a gryffindor scarf (muchos boring but good for tv watching). i got some lovely rowan 4-ply cotton for christmas in ‘bloom’, a sort of dark pink/rusty colour. i’m currently knitting ‘lucky’ out of it. i had 12″ of the back knitted when i realised i should have increased after the waist shaping about 8″ back. so i just had to rip it all out and start again. *cry*

i am heading to galway to see alberto and celebrate the new year all at the same time on saturday. there has been money saved and there will be wool shopping. i have a short list of what i want and i’m trying to cut it down to what i need immediately. much as i love my armwarmers, i need a proper pair of gloves and something to keep my ears warm while running, so i think i will invest in some black superwash aran that tivoli have. it’s yum yum.

here be the treasyarrrr map of plans
i have a million ideas swimming around in my head, including a design for a fluffy blue sweater with little wooden buttons which i will draw out and post here.
other plans:
– tea-pot cozy.
– gloves and ear warmers with some easy intarsia.
– a small neck scarf made out of kidsilk haze for the spring… and some matching felted flowers for my jacket.
– the neckwarmer thing out of SNBN that has flowers on it.
– the easy fair-isle cardigan also out of SNBN.

i have been scouring the net and listening intently to the podcasts i brought home with me… craftypod and crafty chica are really inspiring me these days. there are links to them over there on the right —>
here are some craft books that are on my wish list right now:

– Super Crafty.
– Bizarre Bazaar.
– Grandma’s Magic Scissors (i’m not really into paper cutting but it looks interesting)
– 52 Projects.
– Stolen Sharpie Revolution.
– The Happy Hooker, the next Stitch ‘n’ Bitch book that doesn’t come out here until February.

On top of this I am interested in acquiring some Rowan and Phildar pattern books. I can’t afford those particular brands of yarns but i really like the designs.

this is my quest for the new year. I don’t want to get them all at once because i don’t have the money, and it takes the quest out of the quest 😀 plus, most of those books are published in america and will be difficult to get over here, especially the bizarre bazaar and the super crafty ones.

happy new year!


December 18, 2005

Scarf Ahoy! Yarrr

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Horray! the axa competition is over, and i got back down to some serious knitting today 🙂

i finally finished the narrow clapotis i’m knitting as a christmas present for aoife, who did such an amazing job designing some concert clothes for me last year.

i only did one set of increases at the beginning, and i regret doing so: it is curling up into a skinny tube and the effect of the dropped stitches is missed. which is a pity! if i ever want to knit a smaller version of this pattern again, i’d probably do at least two sets of increases.

this evening, i dug out some really gorgeous novelty yarn i bought some weeks ago (Spice, by tivoli) and decided to make a scarf-tube out of it. I cast on 25 stitches using 10mm needles, and knit until it was long enough to go around my neck 🙂 then i mattress-stitched it together and this is the result!

since this yarn has something like a 50% wool content, i think it would work really well for a felted project. hmmm! the problem about having knit up the tube so quickly is that i now need to find a project that will last me up until christmas… i’m thinking maybe another pair of socks :}


December 14, 2005

fetchez la vache!

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this saturday, i’m playing in the irish preliminaries of the AXA dublin international piano competition. there are twelve of us, and i think the top five get through. i have been concentrating so much on my programme that this evening i said, enough is enough. i went to the shop and got popcorn, stuck on monty python’s search for the holy grail, and finished up my socks.

green socks

they’re not really green socks anymore. halfway through the second one, i ran out of the opal magic wool i was using. i have another ball of opal wool, only it’s blue. i assumed they would have the same pattern, but they obviously don’t 🙂 it looks fun though.

i ordered some dark red rowan cotton from getknitted as my christmas present. i’m all excited now because it was despatched this morning! i’ll have to wait until christmas though. it’s going to be ‘lucky’ from SNBN.


December 11, 2005

Finger Puppets

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This evening, i decided to get down to it and make some finger puppets. they don’t really look it, but the stripey one is a tiger (rarrr) and the other one is a red pig. after talking to my sister and my mum about it, i’ve decided to send them to a baby that i know. she belongs to the woman my mother teaches with and i think she would enjoy them alot, even if it permanently alters her perception of pigs and all things oink-related. they’re pretty cute though.


December 10, 2005

Hot Cross Buns!

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i’m not a big fan of starchy foods, but i can never turn down a hot cross bun. stick it in the microwave for 20 seconds, cup of tea, hot raisins and currants: the perfect winter treat. here’s one steaming away nicely, blissfully unaware of its fate.

hot cross bun

i’ve never made hot cross buns before, so if you’re like me in thinking they’re just glorified currant scones, here’s a proper recipe. i’m going to put it on my list of things to make while i’m at home for Christmas.

this brings me to something that has always puzzled me and always leads to heated argument whenever i talk about it: what is the difference between a raisin, a currant and a sultana (might as well throw it in)? they’re all supposed to come from the same fruit, right, so how come they’re all different! i’m making myself mad just thinking about it!! thankfully wikipedia has the answer… before i go upsetting my tea in confused rage… are you ready for the truth? *drumroll*

a raisin is a dried grape. a currant is a dried zante currant, which is a type of seedless grape. and a sultana is not a pale, shrivelled-up, unidentifiable fruit in a turban, wizened from miles of travelling just to be in my hot cross bun…. it is a dried green grape and it’s bigger than a currant but smaller than a raisin. thus the dried fruit hierarchy goes: raisin, sultana, currant. which means the raisin gets the turban!

in knitting news, i turned the heel on my second green sock last night, but i was talking to mum while i was doing it, and somehow it turned out so pointy only a witch could wear it.

green sock heel