no pictures, just plans

i’m afraid i can’t update until i find the connection lead for my camera… and until i remember my own username and password 🙂 this is the problem when your computer in dublin remembers everything for you!

i have been working on a gryffindor scarf (muchos boring but good for tv watching). i got some lovely rowan 4-ply cotton for christmas in ‘bloom’, a sort of dark pink/rusty colour. i’m currently knitting ‘lucky’ out of it. i had 12″ of the back knitted when i realised i should have increased after the waist shaping about 8″ back. so i just had to rip it all out and start again. *cry*

i am heading to galway to see alberto and celebrate the new year all at the same time on saturday. there has been money saved and there will be wool shopping. i have a short list of what i want and i’m trying to cut it down to what i need immediately. much as i love my armwarmers, i need a proper pair of gloves and something to keep my ears warm while running, so i think i will invest in some black superwash aran that tivoli have. it’s yum yum.

here be the treasyarrrr map of plans

Scarf Ahoy! Yarrr

Horray! the axa competition is over, and i got back down to some serious knitting today 🙂 i finally finished the narrow clapotis i’m knitting as a christmas present for aoife, who did such an amazing job designing some concert clothes for me last year. i only did one set of increases at the beginning, […]

fetchez la vache!

this saturday, i’m playing in the irish preliminaries of the AXA dublin international piano competition. there are twelve of us, and i think the top five get through. i have been concentrating so much on my programme that this evening i said, enough is enough. i went to the shop and got popcorn, stuck on […]

Finger Puppets

This evening, i decided to get down to it and make some finger puppets. they don’t really look it, but the stripey one is a tiger (rarrr) and the other one is a red pig. after talking to my sister and my mum about it, i’ve decided to send them to a baby that i […]

Hot Cross Buns!

i’m not a big fan of starchy foods, but i can never turn down a hot cross bun. stick it in the microwave for 20 seconds, cup of tea, hot raisins and currants: the perfect winter treat. here’s one steaming away nicely, blissfully unaware of its fate. i’ve never made hot cross buns before, so […]