June 4, 2012

A few random FOs

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I finished my lacy scarf. Here it is in its blocked glory.

I used a 1.5mm hook and DMC Petra 8 cotton from here. A few things: 1. The little metal cap that goes on my hook? That doesn’t get old. I was really careful to put it into my project bag every time I took it off and miraculously, we survived the project intact. 2. The yarn blocks out wonderfully. It’s almost like silk, it’s so shiny and soft. I don’t think I even used half the ball so that’s pretty good bang for my buck right there. 3. This is Knit’s online service is a thing of beauty. They recently revamped their site and it’s great. I ordered my yarn and hook and they were posted the same day, so I had them the following morning. It’s not quite instant gratification but it’s about as close as you’re going to get by post.

The last time I was in Galway, I picked up some fresh, loose lavender from the market stall that sells olives. Olives are one of the few things I dislike to eat. I’ve given them a fair try, too, eating them fresh in Greece, Italy and Argentina. Yuck. But fresh lavender? Swoon! They gave me a bag and I took what I wanted. It didn’t seem such an enterprising system on their part because, charging by weight, they basically charged me for a bag of air – I got a big bag of it for €2. I have a big wad of scraps so I cut up some squares and made these. Lavender sachets.

I spent a little while yesterday making them up. Very easy. If you have a lavender bush at home, this is an easy project for the summer. I have about a third of my lavender left over so I will make a few more, I think.

Last but not least, here’s a modelled shot of my Wiksten tank.

Fabric: Quilting cotton from Pippa Blue. I bought 1.5m but only needed a little over 1m.

We’ve had some warm weather recently so I have been wearing it a lot with my denim shorts. It is extremely comfortable!

Today was the day I finally got around to taking modelled shots of what I’ve been making lately. I have a lot of projects to share this week!


September 26, 2010

Dublin Flea Market, September 2010

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The Dublin Flea Market has been running for about two years now. I have seen it advertised on the bus and always meant to go, but the weather was too bad, or I was tired, or I didn’t want to go on my own, or it felt like it was just too far… Today, I decided, no more excuses! Bertha and I, we were going to hit this place up.

It took about half an hour to cycle slowly across town, with lots of stops to take photos like this…

A gallery shopfront

…and it was such a lovely morning for a ride! Not much traffic, lots of tourists wandering around looking at maps and pointing, not too cold. The car park was pretty full by the time I got there (about 11.30) but I found a spot for Bertha right by the stalls outside.

There was a nice enclosed area here with a big mat and small chairs and wooden toys for children to come play, or be watched from a nearby stall. There are lots of clothes, shoes and accessories. These range from bits and pieces from Penny’s and Dunnes to true vintage wear to awesome designer pieces. This caught my eye.

Along the vintage lines, there were a number of retro furniture dealers. It was encouraging to see that their stuff was in mostly excellent condition. I would definitely come here to find something unusual for the house.

There was a great variety of food available inside in the main area: homemade pizza, panini, greek, falafel, lots of home-baked muffins, cakes and biscuits… as well as Italian coffee, fresh juices and smoothies. I had an excellent espresso and this vegetarian moussaka with greek salad and tzatziki.

This is the Co-op, an excellent space filled with organic, gluten-free, everything-else-free, environmentally-sound products. It’s very encouraging to see a place like this really really busy.

In fact, the whole market was packed by the time I left (about 1.30). Every stall holder was willing to cut a deal to make a sale and I found some really great things, bits and pieces I’d been looking for for ages. Here’s what Bertha had to carry home…

…And this is some it…

Posh-looking brown bag for carrying music (€4), purse from Penny’s (50c), two silk scarves (€2) and the grey sweater dress with pompoms (€2). To anyone wary of buying clothes at a flea market, it’s really not what you think. There’s a toilet close by and most stall holders are more than willing to let you go try something on. All of the clothes I was looking at smelled freshly washed and none of them looked worn at all. The shoes and leather jackets are in varying condition – sometimes this made them look cooler, sometimes not.

Whether you buy anything or not, it is a really fun, relaxed place to check out and meet up with friends. The next one is October 30th. I won’t be able to go – but why don’t you? 🙂