July 24, 2009

FO – Amelia

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This is the first of a few posts I have on garments I’ve completed in the last six months. Weather and busy-ness were my two greatest conspirators, unfortunately, so in the end we shot everything you’ll see in the next few days all at once. In hindsight this, too, was unfortunate, as how and where it is styled have a subtle but strong impact in the finished photo. Anyway, let’s start with Amelia

Pattern: Amelia from last Winter’s Knitty.

Size: 34″ knitted on larger needles to come somewhere between 34″ and 38″.

Yarn: Brown Sheep Nature Spun Worsted, 4 balls and a bit from This is Knit. I bought six and so am delighted I will have plenty for a hat and mittens or perhaps even a vest. Actually, that gives me a great idea..

Needles: 5mm Knitpicks circular for the whole garment. I used slightly larger needles because I knit the 34″ size and wanted it to come out between the 34″ and 38″. I know that different needle sizes are suggested for different parts of the pattern. Going by the fact that I got gauge (for what I wanted) with 5mm, I knitted the basque with a 5.5mm needle. This was a mistake, even though it turned out fine. Garter stitch spreads a lot and I think the finished basque would have been that little bit firmer had I gone with the 5mm. I knit the cuffs on the sleeves as well as the rest of the sleeves and body on 5mm.

Buttons were cheap-o ones from Trimmings on the quays but do the job and to me, are the perfect colour. They are slightly blue and so bring more blue tones out of the purple yarn. The only modifications I made were to start the button holes immediately after the garter stitch basque instead of waiting until halfway up the body. On my shape, this made a vast improvement.

All in all, it was a straight forward pattern and with the aran weight yarn, a very quick knit. The ribbing across the fronts and back mean that it’s flattering to different shapes (especially if you extend button holes, I think). I suppose the only thing I would warn against is to make an educated decision on using a bigger needle for the garter stitch sections. Mine tends to be quite loose, but everyone is different and you should probably choose your needle size accordingly.


October 2, 2007

Out of chaos comes knitting

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Chaos. It’s amazing how three weeks of utter pandemonium, during which all hairdryers, camera cables, measuring tapes, pencil cases, matching shoes, stitch markers, and my favourite darning needle vanish into thin air, can be contained in one glorious word! And of course, to keep balance on the universe, I don’t find the things that have vanished, but other things that I had forgotten about: knitting classes, new repertoire, a penchant for cleaning out, and a pair of shoes I don’t like very much but, Allah be praised, match. So I have been getting by. I have no pens and all my pencils are worn down to the nub but I am loathe to buy either a new pen or a pencil parer because as soon as I do, I will find my pencil case (it happened the last time so if I do it again, I am going to have to live with three pencil parers).

Thankfully, out of chaos comes knitting.



I paid a well-overdue visit to you-know-where at the weekend and had a glorious time drooling over all their new autumn stock. I couldn’t resist the colours of the Noro Silk Garden Lite above.

I delivered the Cashsilk V-neck along with the pattern. I wish I hadn’t put off writing the pattern because it was pretty straight forward to work out. I hope it will make sense to others. Anyway, that should be up for sale through the shop soon enough. Lisa tried it on before I left… it looks way better on her than it does on me! I still can’t believe that the Cashsilk held up as well as it did… I think I ripped it out entirely about four times.

While I was there, I also picked up yarn for a secret project… a jumper for my Dad’s birthday. I’ve got three weeks from last Saturday so really, I shouldn’t have been knitting on Argosy at all but you know how these things go…

It will be plain as plain can be: a navy V-neck knitted from the top down. I was going to do a set-in sleeve but quickly realised that it would require on-person measurement. I have no idea, other than turning into James Bond, how to accomplish that without it being really obvious, so a raglan yoke it is!


August 20, 2007

Summer Sweater Sprint #4 – FO Puff Sleeved Cardigan

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By rights, this should have been finished last May, but here it is in all its glory!

puff-sleeved cardigan FO

Pattern: Puff-Sleeved Cardigan from ‘Fitted Knits’.
Needles: 4mm.
Modifications: I had such an incredible problem with gauge that I ended up knitting the 36″ size with a higher gauge. I think the pattern calls for 22 sts over 4″, and I got 24 sts. By doing this, I managed by a stroke of luck to come out at the 35″ size that I wanted all along. From knitting it before I realised that the peplum was going to stick out all over the place, so this time I left out the last two sets of increases in the peplum pattern and dropped down to a 3.5mm needle from that point up to the finish. I used the 4mm needle to cast off to keep it loose enough.

I modified the sleeves slightly by knitting them in the round. I added in an extra set of decreases to take care of the seam allowance and I changed to 3mm needles to work the decrease shaping. In retrospect I’m not really sure why I did this but it didn’t seem to hurt! I learned a new cast off for the sleeves – the sewn cast off a la Elizabeth Zimmermann. Not the most attractive cast off, but very stretchy and effective.

I could direct traffic with those elbows

The seed stitch button bands and collar are effective little details.

I’m glad to get this cardigan off my needles and into my wardrobe. What’s up next? I have a choice between this, this or a raspberry sweater of my own design. I am torn between the functionality of the tshirt, the gorgeous Rialto I have to knit the second one and the sumptuous colours of the mohair I have for the raspberry jumper. Arrrgh!


August 11, 2007

Streets of Galway 2007

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This evening, myself and himself ran the Streets of Galway. It is an 8k (5 mile) run that goes through the city and finishes up with a run down the Prom at Salthill to the finish line. I ran it two years ago in an hour and five minutes. I was chuffed to have even finished it because I’d never run or trained for anything before. This year, I ran it in 51 minutes and though I found it tough enough after some cushy training in the gym, it’s still 15 minutes better than before.

Cardigan gives race number moral support

The knitting of the Puff-Sleeved Cardigan has been a confusing one. I am knitting a larger size than I need to but at a slightly smaller gauge. It seems to be working out but I am very wary of the whole thing. I keep feeling like it’s about to blow up in my hands. All going to plan, I’ll be separating off the sleeves tomorrow and then it’s hell-for-wool to the finish line!


August 9, 2007

Summer Sweater Sprint #3 – FO Cashsilk Top

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Only #3?! I’d better hurry things along. This will help.

V-neck Cashsilk

Knitted from the very luxious Cashsilk by Laines du Nord, this was a treat and a half to knit. Yarn had never been put through such rigors before I knit this top. I think I ripped it out and started over about five times…. and look at it! Granted, I haven’t blocked it yet and it needs a bit of a wash from being trawled around in my handbag, but it is as soft and springy as the day I first got it. That’s really saying something. As soon as I rinse it out and block it, the top will be winging its way to This is Knit. All going to plan, the pattern will be up shortly and you’ll be able to knit one of your own, if that’s your inclination.

V-neck and raglan increase detail

Slipped-stitch side seam and hem detail

Back view showing hip increases

I am all puffed up today and not feeling the best so I don’t feel I am doing the top justice. It was much more flattering yesterday! Still, you get the idea.

I have already gotten stuck into Sweater #4, the Pouf Sleeved Cardigan from Fitted Knits. This will be my third attempt at this cardigan – both previous attempts came out monstrously big despite my swatches being exactly to gauge. This time, after swatching extensively, I have decided to use a smaller needle size than before, but knit a slightly bigger size. I am a 35″, thus falling between the 34″ and 36″ sizes. I computed my gauge with the numbers for the 36″ size and all going to plan, I should get something to fit me.

Third time lucky

In another life I probably would have abandoned this cardigan last April but I am determined to figure out how I went wrong! It is infuriating! My first instinct is to blame the numbers (she’s a witch! burn her!!) but on paper, they work out. Designers, eh? You can’t trust them as far as your tape measure! (buy my pattern, won’t you?)