May 20, 2006


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Look what came in the post yesterday! It’s a package from Bryony!

Check out the groovy wrapping paper and card. I think I’ll keep the paper and use it for a collage or something. What you see are two gorgeous balls of 100% Alpaca wool from Garnstudio. I’m really excited about using this for something… I’m actually thinking a little felted bag. Also included, but not present, is a fantastic bar of green & black’s fruit and nut bar. Well done on the detective work Bryony 😉 It was rather a lovely end to a fairly crappy week.

After I took the picture above, something caught hold of me and commanded me to have a go at recording a podcast. So I ended up talking to myself for nearly two hours, between one thing and another, and ended up not making the post until this morning. And why am I up so early, I hear you ask? My sister and her family were banging on the door at 7am to be let it, that’s why! They are asleep now. My nephew is funny. (from upstairs) David: Liam, take off your pants and get into bed! Liam: I don’t wanna take off my pants! *pout* He’s my nephew alright.

I gotta get the train home later this morning but I just wanted to say a big thank you to Bryony for her thoughtful present. Ok, must go and pack some clothes and get some practice done.


March 26, 2006

I wanted to post this last friday but my hosting went down and I couldn’t. I also went home to Sligo for the weekend, and promptly forgot about all things that involved effort. So check out the excellent box my Secret Pal sent me! Show ▼

In other project news, my purple jumper body has miraculously completed itself. I think I’ve been getting some help from the elves on this one. I started the first sleeve this morning.

Crochet has been taking over my life! Have a gander at this hat I finished in just one evening. The pattern is ‘Boy Beanie’ from HH.

I recently started following Tottenham Hotspurs, and these are their colours. It’s a really nice spring cap, for the days when it’s just too warm for the Mighty Ear Flaps. I made it out of Tivoli Chunky Acyrlic, which is cheap and soft. Their 100g balls are pretty generous too; I’ve more than enough left over to make another.

Here is my fat-bottomed bag, also from HH. I used two random balls of wool that have been bugging me for about two years. There was just enough to make the body, but not enough to do the pieces that join the body to the handles. I haven’t it sewn up or anything; I just laid it down beside the handles to show you what it’s supposed to look like 🙂 I think it’ll be really nice. I have some nice blue and white checkered material I’m going to use to line it with. Looking for a black purse in a black bag is no fun.

That’s it for now!


February 20, 2006

Belated Valentine

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Look what my Secret Pal sent me for Valentine’s Day! The postman was late, so I went down and closed the window. About ten minutes later, he rang the bell and handed me the box with this huge grin on his face, probably because it had hearts all over it 😀 Thank you!!!

Check out what was in it! Show ▼

Best of all was this card she made for me.

See the little hearts that are music notes! And the little button thingy that looks like a tiny flower. And the green leaves that were done by hand. I’ve put this one up beside the other one she sent me. I think when SP7 is over, I’ll put these in some 6 x 4 frames and hang them up as a memoir!

I am still really unwell today. I have cancelled everything for the week, but if I’m feeling a bit better tomorrow I’ll go in and teach, just to get out for a while. I was really down in the dumps but this morning’s parcel has really cheered me up.

In a brief period of semi-wellness, I dug out an old vinyl project I started about three years ago and never finished. It’s a bag. Show ▼


January 25, 2006


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I have been so busy and stressed lately and today really looked like it was going to be one of my worst ever. I’d a masterclass in the morning and I played a work that I’m still not totally on top of. Then I had to teach in the afternoon, and go straight from there to UCD. I’ve been ‘engaged’ to do a gig with the choral scholars there; we’re doing Brahms’ Liebeslieder. Since I’d never met the choir before or Des, their leader, I was pretty anxious for it to go well.

I cleaned out my wardrobe at the weekend. About once a month, we get a plastic bag and a notice through our door telling us when there will be a collection for unwanted clothes for charity. So this morning, I nipped out in my pyjamas to put out my bag of clothes for collection, and I met the post man. I said hello, and he said, I have a parcel for you! This was really lucky because if I hadn’t gotten up I wouldn’t have heard him knocking, and I would’ve gotten a note saying that I had to go collect it from a depot somewhere up in Finglas.

So check this out! My secret pal sent this great box of niceness.

Two balls of the softest alpaca laceweight wool. Wow. I can’t wait to knit this up. And! (this is the bit I love) a booklet about the Magic Loop technique, and a bamboo Addi circular needle to try it out on. Fabulous!

Check out this deadly card and bookmark she made for me too. The bookmark says, “As you slide down the banister of life, may the splinters never face the wrong way”. Whoever you are, you are seriously talented with your card-crafting abilities.

So it cheered me up so much that I had a really great day! I played well in my class, teaching was good and my rehearsal was great. Thank you so much, secret pal *hugs*

I have been putting together what I’m going to send off to my secret pal. I’m going to do it this weekend. Hopefully I can send her as good a day as mine sent me 🙂


January 16, 2006

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A quick message for my secret pal: my email won’t work, and hasn’t been working for the last week or so. I get mail no problem, but it’s refusing to send. I have loads of emails to send for work too and it’s driving me mad. I’m really sorry 🙁 I think it’s a problem with my MTU (i’ve had it before) and I’m trying to fix it now.