February 28, 2006

Gold Medal for Ireland

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Here it is!

It wasn’t the struggle I suppose it was meant to be, but it did teach me the difference between knitting through the back loop and front loop (as evidenced in a wonky repeat on one of the fronts). I also learned (yet again) how to read a chart. I always read them backwards for no reason. It furthered my obsession with light cotton tops despite it being about -5 degrees outside.

It’s so cold that I’m determined to knit myself a decent jumper. I have that great big ball of purple wool just waiting to be cast on. I was going to knit a swatch but I’m too tired tonight: tomorrow! I’m just going to make it a regular bottom-up yoked raglan with a roll-up neck if I have enough wool. I was thinking about making eyelets along the raglan just for a bit of interest.

My sister posted me knitting mags from america! They include good ole Creative Knitting, Vogue Knitting, and a vogue sibling, Knit Simple. I’d to do lots of work today because I’m in rehearsals and class tomorrow, and I have to teach, so I went through them quickly at lunchtime. But I’m looking forward to giving them a good seeing to when I jump into bed. The Vogue Knitting one seems to be the most comprehensive, with articles and a variety of patterns. The other mags have some quirky patterns that I’m looking forward to mulling over 😀 Cheers Niamh!


February 27, 2006

Farewell Olympics!

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So I finished Elspeth right on time – on Saturday evening, in fact. But I had gone home to Sligo to get well, and the connection isn’t good enough to upload pictures. I don’t know if that puts me out of contention for a gold medal, but I don’t mind. I got it finished and it looks nice. Here it is.

I’ve never mangaged to make picot edging look right. I think I’ll steam press it with a damp cloth and see how it is then. If it doesn’t behave itself after that, I think I’ll rip it out and tighten it up again.

While I was lying in my sick bed, I kept thinking about that mohair scarflet I mentioned before. So last night, I got out my 5mm bamboos and using this pattern as a guideline, I cast on for it. Beware! The pattern is in french. I couldn’t understand it either! But I used the schematic and that proved to be just as good. Here’s what I finished up with tonight.

I really like it, it’s just what I’d imagined. I used Phildar’s Kid Mohair. It’s not that scratchy at all. For the extra loop that I thread one end through, I picked up stitches, knitted a loop wide enough for the end to pass through, cast off and then sewed it on. What I should have done is picked up the stitches while I was still knitting the middle section, knitted the loop until it was wide enough and then joined the two pieces with a three needle bind off. I’ll know for again.

See the little silver brooch on the scarflet? I got it in Sligo at the weekend in The Cat and the Moon for just a tenner. All of their jewellery is handmade by the owners of the shop. They have a wide variety and a good price range, ie they have very pretty things for about e5-10, but alot of more expensive items too. Here’s something else I picked up in Sligo.

There is a small pokey little shop beside Moffat’s that sells all sorts of knitwear. There’s no shop that sells wool in Sligo any more (sigh) but I always go in here to have a look for ideas. This is a little felted bag, the perfect size for minding lipstick and odd trinkets in your handbag.


February 21, 2006


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After fretting that I wouldn’t complete my Olympic project on time, I now think that if I pace myself with some Benilyn, I should make it on time.

Nectar of the Sick Olympian Knitter

I completed my second front piece last night. I’d show it off but I’m too floppy to go downstairs and get it, and it looks like the other one anyway. If I really cared, I’d mirror the picture of the other front piece in Photoshop and you’d never know! The sleeves are just regular knitting, no lace pattern or anything. They do have some interesting short row shaping that took me by surprise the last time: this time round, I know too much. I know what you’re up to, pattern. This time I’m armed: my 3pm pill and a mug of tea. I’m taking you sleeves down.

In other news, I got stuck into my Phildar pattern book in an attempt to decipher the code. Honestly, Alan Turin couldn’t have done a better job. It’s not so bad but it took a good hour searching through other blogs and the pocket dictionary. I made one conclusion: the french need another word for ‘decrease’. They use ‘rabattre’ for ‘cast off’ and ‘decrease’. Sometimes, they say ‘diminuer’ (decrease), but sometimes they use rabattre. It’s confusing. You wouldn’t want to be drunk, or say, sick and bored and wanting to cast on a new project 😀

Speaking of being sick and bored, I decided to tackle that vinyl bag again last night. What is wrong with me? I can’t sew even when I’m well! This escapade involved me nearly losing a finger and for what? A vinyl bag with the top sewn together like a big, plastic, inside-out cushion.

I don’t know what to do with it. When I muster up the (mental) strength to unpick the stitching, I’m going to have a bag that looks like it was used for voodoo! I think I should just cut the top off completely and glue the hem down. Yes. Glue it. That way, everyone wins: the bag is finished and I emerge with all ten digits intact.


February 19, 2006

Phlegm Phree

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It’s amazing what some quality time with your pyjamas and Bear can do for you. Now… on to the knitting!

I ripped up the old Elspeth, balled it up loosely and gave it a bit of a rinse. It’s straggly looking, but at least it has lost the appearance of noodles.

And here is the finished back piece. This was a very straight-forward knit. However, I always make the mistake of reading lace charts backwards! Anyone else do that?

I finished the left front today while watching Star Trek and telling my brother how much I’d love to meet Patrick Stewart. I dunno, he’s the kind of guy you’d love to have over for a cuppa and a bit of a knit. I’d knit him a big woolly hat. I hate to see the pain exposed. lol.

I wish the pattern for the front pieces was written in a less convoluted way. I had to make a list for myself for how many decreases and when and marked off every row as I knitted it. However, compared to the last time I knitted it, this front piece looks much better.

I’m really looking forward to putting the picot edge on this and finally pulling it on. Man, I hope I can finish this on time! I’ve only got a week left.


February 13, 2006

Stash! and WIP

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Double horray! My exam went well and mohair came in the post. This is five 50g balls of phildar mohair and a mohair booklet that Albert bought me as a present.


The mohair booklet was only a euro so I figured I’d get it to have a look. It’s entirely in French. I knew it would be… but I wasn’t prepared for the complete indecipherability of french knitting patterns! I was planning on knitting the cardigan on the cover here, but it may take a while lol…

Check out my Olympic progress on Elspeth. I’m enjoying knitting it alot more this time round and not just because I have more experience. The gauge is tighter and the texture of the fabric is nicer.

This is the back piece. I plan on getting it finished before the weekend before the next spate of competitions and concerts come up! The front pieces are a bit more awkward because you have to keep an eye on the raglan and neck shaping, as well as the lace pattern. But the sleeves are just knit plain with a little bit of short row shaping, so I’m keeping them for the final sprint!